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Welcome to our ClubREIA Success Training

If you are a member, you will be able to access our weekly Success Training video link, below.

Most of the classes are approximately and hour and a half long and cover whatever topic (module) the group happens to be on during that week.


We generally cover 4 topics;

  • Wholesaling and Property Scouting (Bird Dogging)
  • Buy & Hold – Rental Properties (with some discussion on commercial)
  • Rehabbing like a Pro (Learning how to get started)
  • Auctions & Foreclosures (The Wild West of Real Estate)
  • We spend a fair amount of time discussing potential and pending deals the members may be working on

In all cases, the overriding goal is understanding the numbers behind the transactions. If you understand the numbers, everything else will make sense!

If you are not a ClubREIA member, seriously consider becoming a member now. The knowledge, advice and help you get from the other members is invaluable. Get yourself signed up now, right HERE

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